Friday, March 09, 2007

I'm baaack...

It's been a year, a WHOLE YEAR, since I've written nonsensical nonsense about boys and other such things. hard to believe how time flies! But anyway, i'm not going to write to flex my literary muscles or show off with my big words or anything, but rather... to cure my malaise. You see, I'm livin' in London, and I realize that a person in london is not supposed to be unhappy as it's, the erm, best city in the world, buuut yea. I've had a tough time of it, I'm not gonna lie. Everything basically started out OK here peeps, and the first few months was spent psyching myself into believing that one's situation can always improve. So any knock down, I was like a bobo doll and would bounce straight back again and be like YEAH! But since a few weeks/month ago, many good friends suddenly vanished, making me realize I need to reassess my social skills/life/whatev. This past week has been one of many hellacious ones, 'cept now I lost all respect (Lo-Down-- I was dating this guy who I really liked but I felt he was A) always away B) didnt think of me as very important, so we broke up. He begged for me back, crying and shit. I felt bad, considered taking him back because I do like him. Then he like renegged on everything like 2 days later. Mind you, this same week a former crush poured out his so-called genuine feelings of love to me, only to, you guessed it, reneg like 2 days later. So like one day, I was princess hot stuff. The next? Shiiit. Then I made desperate attempts to reignite their interest for the sake of friendship cuz I have no friends in London unless they are guys who just want to SCREW ME) So yeah. I realized that dudes here that I met were only interested in screwing or dating and not friendship, and that I must never relent in my desperation for friendship and give it up like a ho ho. But yeah, it's hard. But one's currency shouldnt be sex, not when one is so desperately in need of friends! (Cue the Violins)

Friday, June 16, 2006

lifes be painful yo!!!!!

aaaaaarg dude. finding a job is a shitty, shitty task. everyone is having luck. besides myself. i guess if you went to harvard, you can get away with anything though, and STILL get a job.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Yo mothafuckazzzzzzzzz

Love has turned my insides out this past month. Well not love per se, but something like it. Love is a strong word, but 'like' or 'in like' sounds trite and should die.

Thank Edna My system has somewhat been cleansed of a virus of uncertainty. At long last, and 15 pounds lighter and 10 shades pastier, my stomach settled this week. I ate my first brownie in a long time. So things are peachier, but still not peachy. SO I NEED YOUR HELP! AUTOMATONS, DO NOT REPLY!!! THIS IS SERIOUS!!!! If your beau is still lovin' the ex, but claims proliferating lovin' feelings for you, what do you do??? How do you know its true?? ooo ooooooo. love experts...dont fail me now

Friday, September 30, 2005

Love, Triangular

(Bear with this, kids, I'm on 30 minutes sleep!) One of the greatest joys of a small town is small minded, jealous women-folk, yesssss. Last night's date could have been a debacle had double vodka not settled well into the system: What biznatch approaches two people, ON A DATE, sitting at a friggen Ms. PacMan Game, to interfere on behalf of her shitfaced friend at the bar who happened to have had a couple shitfaced encounters with your sort-of beau well before you met him? What kind of lady introduces herself and summarily asks, So are you two in love or something? Then she proceeds to stare a lot, making girl (me) and boy (him) really, really really uncomfortable. Is it just me, or is that hellaciously strange? I play it cool, like the 9 year old boy. It really helps me along, I think. No preppie, crazy-lady mindset for this broad.

Sunday, September 11, 2005


They are amazinnnnnnnnnngg. I get those tingly feelings and repeat songs like an OCD chick. Also am liking: Lee Hazlewood.
Fans of either, please contact me for swoonage!!

Saturday, September 10, 2005


Fleas, fleas, fleas!
i like fleas.

theyre small and they itch and the word sounds so funny

fleas fleas fleas

-the box

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Types of People That Annoy Me

Jersey Suburbinites-
Girls, stop speaking in monotone. It's incredibly annoying. Khaki shorts; also incredibly annoying. And, FYI, it's not imperative to adore every shitty new 'rap' /reggaeton tune that comes out.
Boys, stop acting aloof and jockish and saying shit like, JERSEY! JERSEY ! On Jersey streets, no less! Yes, we are in Jersey. Yes, we are well aware of where you are, because we're fucking here, too, unfortunately for us. And if we werent, we would idenitfy you by your tight eurotrash shirt, gormless expression, and foul cologne.

New York Area Scenesters/Hipsters

Ohh, dont you worry: I saved the best of my unbridled rage for ye fools. Girls, stop fucking posing like you da shit on friend/party sites when you know you really didnt have as much fun as you let on. Boys, stop fucking posing like you da shit on friend/party sites when you know you really didnt have as much fun as you let on. Girls, stop being fashionably bisexual sluts. Boys, stop being fashionably bisexual sluts. Its an insult to actual bisexuals. And actual sluts.

CDs are almost as fun as mixtapes. Your voice doesnt have to remain in a single monotonous cadence; you should really experiment! You always sound mopey/sarcastic/or what, I just don't know. It must also be one helluva 9-5 putting up that act of being tres-cool, jaded and boring! HAVING FUN IS REALLY OK!!! TRUST ME, IT IS!!

And how about this-choose your own goddam hairstyle. You dont have to have le mode coiffe, rags, etc. Think for yourselves, you fucking podpeople!

Thank you, and Goodnight!!!
*AFTERTHOUGHT*It takes one to know one.

Can Moths Commit Suicide?

Let me preface this with saying I have the flu today. Hence, this entry may be partially/totally incoherent and perhaps boring. It's about a moth. That's all. A moth. If youre from PETA don't read it.

I hate all bugs, big and small. They quease me out man. A rather large moth was resting on my bedroom ceiling today. All of a sudden, it started darting about and I screamed. Not wanting my sleep to be disturbed later in the night by that shit fluttering in my face , I cornered it in the miniblinds with my waterbottle. Then I started furiously beating the miniblinds. I saw/heard no movement, but was not yet satisfied as I heard no crunch of wings or whatever. When my friend arrived, I made her come up to the room to help me make sure it was dead, even though she doesnt enjoy killing bugs. I then pulled open the blinds, and she was poised with the bottle, but alas, there was just a window. She then pointed to a smear on the window, and stated that perhaps it committed suicide. Sucks to be a moth, bitch.

Ohh snap, now there's a bee flyin around my room. And that aint no lie.